Strengthen an Existing Coalition

Sometimes coalitions get stuck. Coalitions may experience leadership challenges, problems retaining or engaging members, or difficulty forming and implementing a plan. PIC has effectively assisted many coalitions to develop leadership, recruit and retain members, manage conflict, identify needs and resources, develop plans and implement them. PIC will help you:

Conduct a coalition assessment

PIC uses a variety of coalition assessment methods to obtain member feedback. We then translate the findings from the assessment into action plans to build a foundation for success.

Strengthen processes

PIC helps coalitions strengthen their processes in order to increase member engagement, have more productive meetings, experience less conflict, and take action that will result in impact.

Plan and take action

PIC works with existing coalitions to identify needs and resources as defined by the community, develop plans based on identified needs, and implement the plan to create systems level change.

Partner with PIC to strengthen your coalition.

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