Support for New Coalitions

PIC has many years of experience and expertise with assisting organizations and community members to come together to solve big problems. We believe that when community members are engaged and empowered to make decisions, coalitions work more effectively to transform communities and meet needs. PIC will:

Facilitate community engagement and empowerment

PIC draws upon principles of equity and social justice to engage and empower community members as active agents of change, partnering with organizations who provide valuable resources.

Assist with developing coalition structures

Strong and effective coalition structures help to facilitate clear communication, make decision-making easier, and provide the framework needed to move the coalition’s capacity from talk to action.

Plan and take action

PIC works with new coalitions to identify needs and resources defined by the community, develop plans based on identified needs, and implement the plan to create systems level change.

Partner with PIC for support for a new coalition.

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