Evaluate structures, processes, and outcomes

Evaluation helps coalitions determine if they have good structures in place like effective by-laws, leadership teams and meetings. These are the foundations of an effective coalition that will be sustainable. Logic models, theories of change, and evaluation plans help you know if your planned strategies are working as intended. Is your coalition as effective as it could be? Let’s find out. PIC will:

Develop an Evaluation Plan

PIC will help you develop an evaluation plan to assess your coalition functioning (structures and processes), conduct a needs and resources assessment and evaluate your outcomes and impact. We use participatory methods to build your theory of change and logic models.

Collect Data

PIC can collect data for you, or work with your group to build the capacity to collect data. We can design and conduct surveys, focus groups, interviews, appreciative inquiry, SWOT analyses, or any quantitative and qualitative data collection method you choose.

Analyze and Use Your Data

PIC can analyze your qualitative and quantitative data, or teach coalition members how to analyze it. We will assist with visualizing your outcomes, reporting and sharing your results, sharing them with stakeholders, and using the data to meet community needs, secure funding, and move from data to action.

Partner with PIC to evaluate your structures, processes, and outcome.

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