Develop Your Learning Strategy

Determining an appropriate assessment strategy to facilitate learning for your organization is critical. Deciding what you hope to achieve through an assessment – e.g., measuring accountability, gathering information to use for decision-making, and/or evaluating the success of a funding initiative – is the first step. PIC will work with you to review your funding goals and help you determine an approach that best fits your Foundation’s principles and determine how best to partner with grantees to implement the selected approach. Specifically, PIC will:

Facilitate learning

PIC will facilitate learning sessions with foundation staff and board members to identify, select, and refine assessment strategies.

Align strategies and processes

PIC will help you align your Foundation’s strategies and processes to improve evaluation and organizational learning.

Develop systems and processes

PIC will help you develop systems and processes to implement your assessment strategy and determine its effectiveness.

Partner with PIC to develop your assessment strategy.

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