Build and Strengthen Your Monitoring and Evaluation Practices

Perhaps you require grantees to report on activities and the reach of those activities but you don’t require reporting on outcomes. How will you know what happens as a result of the activities provided? You want to know what sustainable changes have occurred as a result of your investment. PIC will partner with you to build and/or strengthen your current evaluation practices so that you can gather valuable information to measure your impact. PIC will:

Refine applications and reporting

PIC will help create or refine grant applications, reporting forms and processes that collect measurable outcome data from grantees using standardized outcomes when possible.

Provide grantee technical assistance

PIC will provide technical assistance to applicants and grantees to develop measurable outcomes designed to strengthen grant applications, grant reporting, and program performance.

Analyze and summarize outcomes

PIC will analyze and summarize your outcomes across grantee reports to disseminate to foundation staff, board members, and other key stakeholders.

Partner with PIC to build and strengthen your monitoring and evaluation practices.

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