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How do three different evaluators join forces to form a new team that capitalizes on their strengths?

At an American Evaluation Association (AEA) conference many years ago, Ann Price participated in a round table and introduced herself as a community psychologist. Susan Wolfe was on that same round table. She excitedly told Ann about a new Topical Interest Group (TIG) she helped establish, The Community Psychology TIG. Next thing Ann knew, she was a member, and then, just that quick, she was co-chairing the TIG with Susan. A few AEA meetings and several glasses of wine later, they found they have a lot more than just professional training in common. Fast forward many years later and Susan and Ann have collaborated on projects, articles, a special edition of New Directions for Evaluation, and many workshops.

At some point, Ann met Jenn Ballentine at a meeting in Atlanta. Besides their shared interest in public health and evaluation, and the fact they both live in the Atlanta area, they bonded through sharing the joyous and no-so-joyous moments of raising kids. They also have differences – mainly, Jenn is tall and Ann is not. Over the last four years, Jenn and Ann have collaborated on numerous evaluation projects for both foundations and nonprofits.

Somewhere along the line Ann introduced Susan to Jenn. To tell the truth, none of us can remember when that happened. But we found we make a pretty great team. We have similar interests and complementary skill sets and personalities.

Jenn is the planner. She is methodical, systematic, and super detail oriented. She skillfully operationalizes project goals and develops practical, detailed project implementation and management plans, processes, and systems. As the mom to two busy teens and an active community member, Jenn’s planning skills come in handy both personally and professionally! In her spare time, Jenn enjoys playing tennis, reading, cooking yummy vegetarian meals, and volunteering in her community.

Susan is super inspiring. She is passionate about working in communities and health equity. She loves doing this work and thinks she would do it as a hobby if it wasn’t her job. She often takes on heavy loads of work, but always seems to get quality work delivered on time. She enjoys working with young evaluators and sharing her experience and expertise, because they share theirs with her. Aside from work, she loves to travel, hang out with her husband and dogs, crochet, cook, and watch too much television.

Jenn and Susan describe Ann as the visionary. She is always dreaming up new ways to serve clients, communities, and new evaluators. She likes the creative process of designing interventions and evaluations. She loves complicated projects in communities and building her clients’ evaluation capacity. When she is not in the kitchen cooking or baking, she enjoys reading or hiking in North Georgia. She loves traveling and spending time with her husband and three sons and two grans.

Joining Forces

After one of Ann’s crazy shower thoughts (we will save that back story for another day), an idea began percolating. We wanted to find a way where we could capitalize on our varying strengths and skill sets and collaborate on joint projects, but not dilute our individual brands.

Today we would like to announce that we have formed Positive Impact Consultants (PIC). PIC will offer consulting services, trainings, and online trainings to nonprofits and foundations in the US, and one day (post COVID), beyond our borders. Note: While Ann, Susan, and Jenn will be joining forces on projects and trainings, they will also each maintain their own consulting businesses.

You can learn more about our venture here on our new website, or send us an email at

We are so excited to see where PIC goes!

P.S. Interested in our training on coalition development and evaluation? Connect with us at

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